Certification and Registration

GCC LINKS receive various certification from Government Agency and from various public listed company

MyCo ID: 979175-A

Certificate of Registration of Bumiputra Company
  • Certificate No: BP63732864622005815
  • Registration No: 357-02188632
Certificate of Registration of Company
  • Certificate No: K63732864622005815
  • Registration No: 357-02188632

License to Supply Product/Service to Petronas and Subsidiaries for Downstream and Upstream Sector
  • License No: 979175-A

TM Group Registered Supplier
  • Certificate No. : 1029197191
  • Supplier No. : 1102141

Supplier & Contractor Registration Certificate
  • Certificate No: 0296-17
  • Supplier No: 12920

Sime Darby Approved Vendor
  • Registration No: SD08844

Company Registration Validation Certificate
  • Registration No: 979175-A
Certificate Of Registration
  • Certificate No: 20181016MS0000191
  • Supplier No: MS0000191

Sales & Service Tax Registration
  • Registration No : W10-1810-32000326

Certificate of Registration
‘Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan’
‘Sijil Kontraktor Kerja Taraf Bumiputra’
  • Registration No : 0120141223-WP160586
  • Contractor Gred G7 (Category : B, CE, ME)

Registered for Supplier & Services Constructor
Registered for Work Contractor Bumiputra Status
  • Registration No : 3046637

Registered Vendor For PLUS Berhad
  • Registration No: 2017/158

Registered Vendor for UEM Edgenta
  • Registration No: UEMED180170


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